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Cute Garlands?


I thought about making a cute pastel gothic garland with some Halloween motifs and demon girls. I would like to sell them, would you be interested?

Another question is, I can sell the digital pack so you print it and do it yourself or do that myself and sell the physical pack. The first being considerably cheaper, around 6USD, the second will depend on the number of pieces but it will be around 12USD. Which one would you prefer?

I love garlands and I thought that I could start with the Halloween one and then make more cute and creepy packs that in the end you could combine with each other ~

Let me know what you think with comments or msgs, thank you very much in advance (๑・ω-)~♥”


Purple tone of a new m3 mod I’m working on finishing. I felt cute and couldn’t resist sharing
I look like one of ayameshiroi drawings right now ; w ; ♥

It looks soo super cute I want to eat it >.<



Purple tone of a new m3 mod I’m working on finishing. I felt cute and couldn’t resist sharing

I look like one of ayameshiroi drawings right now ; w ; 

It looks soo super cute I want to eat it >.<
Anonymous sent: If you made sweatshirts and t-shirts and such, would they be as expensive as omocat's? Cause I don't know anybody who spends $50 on a sweatshirt.

Actually I was going to get one now that the weather is getting chillier ^^ I haven’t look into sweatshirts, just tshirts so far, and the problem is that it is a bit expensive to produce little amounts of them, that is why they can’t be as cheap, on the other hand they are quite exclusive ;) I understand the need of a reasonable price, that way they can sell better so if it comes down to just me I will try my best to keep them affordable while profitable for me too (I’m sure everybody tries ^^)

nogeullie sent: hi! just to tell you that your art is amazing~ you are inspiring to start drawing again but i have no idea what to do :P

Thank you so much! It is wonderful that you want to draw again, it is such a lovely thing! Blank paper can be terrifying but sure you have things you like or things you want to express, work with them. Start scribbling, no matter if it doesn’t make sense at the beginning. Draw this, erase that and bit by bit it will take a form you like and if it doesn’t it is perfectly ok, maybe it just needs a different approach so don’t be afraid to start over again. Have in mind the enemies: fear, blockage and frustration and kick them in the ass :D the results are well worth it ^^ oh! And practice is your friend ;) (this is the little bit that I know by now)

chocolatecrossing sent: I hope you don't mind me asking but on average, how many hours/days do you spend on your (amazing) art pieces? ^^

Thank you for the (amazing) part ^^ it is going to sound like too much having into account how simple they are, they range between 5 hours to around 18 hours on special occasions even more. I start from something that inspired me and work my way through changing a lot of things in the process :)

Not so easy to break free sometimes&#8230;you&#8217;ve got me stuck.

Not so easy to break free sometimes…you’ve got me stuck.

Anonymous sent: Could you make fullbody printed shirts and sweatshirts like omocat does? i think your art would look really cool like that and i'd love to buy some

Thank you! Actually is one of the many things I want to do :D shirts, sweatshirts, bags, buttons, brooches and pins, books, zines…and many more (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I started with prints and brooches because is the most affordable for me right now but if things go well I want to do it all! Thank you very much for your interest it really motivates me to go forward ^^

johnoppa sent: Can I use your art as my phone background? If that's okay.

Sure! Just don’t forget to tell where it comes from if somebody asks ;)

Anonymous sent: OMG OMG I love your art _(:3 」∠)_

Thank you!! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ (seeing that cute laying pose made me lol so cute! >.<)

Anonymous sent: #1 Hello there! firstly sorry if my English is bad, I do not speak the language, so I'm using a translator, I am the owner of the shop that sold 2 shirts with your account, I'm sorry if this bothers you, I found the pictures on google and I liked them and use them, I had no idea that they are yours, the shirts have already been deleted, sorry this does not happen again


#2 Please, no problems, I did not know your drawings, as I saw on the internet and I found it enjoyable to use, I hope you are well and have no misunderstandings, this was never an intended use, please understand Greetings!:)
#3I saw a bit about your blog, and I did not know this, a shame that you think I steal, I did not know of your existence, do not think I need say thief for using a photo of internet, as I could know that are yours, not everything is done with malicious intent, you know? -.-
Thank you for taking them down, I appreciate it! I should’ve tried contacting you myself before posting it on my blog, I’m sorry and I’ll delete the post now, but I didn’t have a facebook account plus I’ve been dealing with a Chinese shirt that’s being sold all over the internet and even in Harajuku for months with no resolution in sight so I kinda jumped to conclusions and assumed this was gonna be just like that. But…all drawings on the internet were made by somebody. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free for you to take and make a profit from. You can use them all you want for your own personal use if you’d like but please don’t sell anything from the internet in the future that you didn’t create yourself c: 

I wanted to reblog this since I did also with the conflict part.
Faith in humanity restored a bit ^^

jadezillas sent: omg I can't believe I just noticed that you follow me ; _ ; you are like one of my favorite artists EVER I love your art so much. It's so inspiring~ Thank you!! <3

Oh thank you so much!!! *blush* I follow you because I love what you do! It is beautiful and inspiring

FAQ: Can I use you art as an icon?

Answer: Yes, you can for personal use. Only thing I ask is that you credit me so you spread the word a bit and help this poor artist to potentially make a living with this and keep on drawing things you like and making cool stuff like bags or t-shirts and more ^__^

- S T A R E A T E R - Milky Way on the nose

- S T A R E A T E R - Milky Way on the nose

ryouhime sent: cries you're one of my art inspirations. Love you and your art! keep up the good work!! (๑॔˃̶ॢ◟◞ ˂̶ॢ๑॓)♡

Thank you soo much! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ chyu!

It is lovely of you to share that with me and it makes me super happy and gives me energy to keep on trying my best!

evelia-venus sent: You're art is amazing and I love it!~♥♡ (hope it's fine to use your art as profile picture hehe ^^ can you give some tips to a good artis just like you? Likw whit coloring, body draw, hair, eyes, head and stuff o.o

Thank you!! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) *happy dance* (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

It is totally fine to use my art for icons ^^

The basic knowledge you need for drawing all those things you can get from “how to draw manga” books and then I would recommend to practice a lot and to observe the drawings of other people, to see how they do it, how they resolve some problems of anatomy, perspective, etc. and same goes with coloring. In a nutshell: observation and practice are the key! That is basically how I do it, I never went to art school or anything. 

I’m sorry I know it is very general answer but I hope it can help you to start ^^